Using a simplistic traffic light colour coded system, we can stop many incidents from happening in the first place. The products are visible from a distance to warn others in advance, and have large embroidered writing on in addition so there is no confusion. They are very high quality and made from the best materials available.


All items are made from high strength polypropelene nylon webbing with embroidered wording for maximum durability. All ‘O’ and ‘D’ rings are welded type for maximum strength.All items are machine washable at 30 oC. Vest Harnesses are water resistant


Strap Harness (Only):

Strap Harness Large-Extra Large fully adjustable to fit. High strength fits chest/belly girth  59cm-92cm and has double rings for lead/leash attachment for extra security. Suitable for use on bull breeds, large dogs and dogs that pull.

Adopt Me Strap Harness